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Time To Take a Step Back

Due to the disappointing lack of feedback response to my last post, and my resulting inability to yet properly evaluate the usefulness of my weekly posts for my readership – or to even know whether I have a steady readership – I’ve decided to take a different approach. This subject still requires a great amount of review and analysis if I am going to continue devoting my time and demanding your time to this blog.

True I am still passionate about the subject matter, and I do still want to provide a way to help my fellow victims of life’s Chaos. But before I go any further, I must determine if this blog or these weekly posts are the best vehicle for providing such help and guidance.

So to that end, I’ve decided to take a step back and a short hiatus from my weekly posts. Rest assured this is not just an excuse to zone out on a vacation and ignore the subject altogether. Whenever I pause to take a set back from something, I always plan to use my time wisely and effectively – as is one of the core messages from the Chaos Whisperer.

So I will be spending my newly freed up time to evaluate this blog, analyze the responses, do some targeted outreach to my ideal audience, and brainstorm other avenues for making the impact I want to have on this subject.

And then hopefully in 2 months time, which is the exact duration I am granting myself for this back-step, I will be able to return to this blog with some solid answers.

Until then, thank you for your continued (or sporadic) attention — whichever it has been, I still appreciate it. And I hope you have found any kind of value in these entries and such content as I’ve been able to provide thus far.¬†

If you have any suggestions on ways I can improve the site, more effectively deliver advice, or better help creative folks like you in your Chaos management endeavors, please don’t hesitate to comment or write me.

Thank you so much and I bid you a temporary (2 month) adieu.


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How To Tell If You’re (I’m) Wasting Your Time

Feedback – that’s how!

I’m taking a momentary pause from my weekly blogging regimen to check in with my readers (that’s you) and determine whether this blog has been a waste of my time – or more importantly, a waste of YOUR time.

You see, I’m not really much of a writer, and I never had dreams of becoming any kind of pro blogger. Plus, it’s just a good idea, as you are barreling along on your journey, to stop and have a reality check with yourself every now and then. Ask yourself, is this the path I want to be on?

In order to figure this out for myself, I’d like to ask you the following:

  • Have you found this blog interesting and insightful?
  • Do you find these posts measurably useful in managing your day-to-day Chaos?
  • Is this the best method of delivery for the advice I have to share on the subject?
  • Do you have recommendations for better ways you’d prefer to consume and utilize what I have to share?
  • And above all, is this the best use of our time, yours and mine?

If you feel compelled to respond to any or all of these questions above, please feel free to comment below and let me know! I am happy to receive any kind of feedback on any particular point you wish to make.

I figure I’d like to evaluate this now, before I spend too much of my time and potentially waste too much of yours. I need to make sure this is indeed the best path for me to be on right now and the best way for me to share my passion for managing Chaos and channeling it into your creativity. Most importantly, I need to make sure what I’m doing with this blog is actually measurable and actionable for you, my readers.

So please do tell, has this blog been a waste of our time?