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How To Find Your Unique Voice

“Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else.” -Judy Garland

Judy had it right. We are all wired to be different, unique individuals, and that’s what makes each of us so special. So why not appreciate that, and embrace what makes you different in how you communicate and contribute to the rest of the world’s unique individuals?

Besides Judy Garland, I also consider Marie Forleo an expert on this, with her remarkable success building her own unique voice and business brand, and now her work helping others to do the same.

Like Marie says, “Most ideas are already out there. So it’s not so much about WHAT you say, it’s about HOW you say it.”

It’s so important to know how to get your message out there in a way that feels original and authentic to YOU. There is always more than one way to express an idea, but there is only one way that will be the best expression of YOU. So if you feel yourself getting stuck, or are having trouble discerning your own unique voice amidst all the great examples from colleagues and mentors around you, try these steps to find your own voice:

1. Define yourself! Pick the 5 best words that describe your personality. Pull from how you see yourself, and how others have described you in the past. These will help you keep your unique voice in mind as you start to formulate your messaging.

For example, I’d have to say that 5 fitting words for me are: Energetic, Passionate, Bold, Practical & Organized. Armed with these, I know that any communication I write should and will demonstrate elements of offbeat energy, frankness, practicality and very organized structure.

What are 5 that fit you, and what does that say about how you communicate?

2. Create 5 different ways to express one idea. Take one of your latest and greatest blossoming ideas and phrases and try explaining it 5 different ways that fit the 5 descriptive words you chose above.

For example, if my idea is: “Chaos can be fuel for productivity” — then I might try saying it like this:

#1 Energetic: Embrace your Chaos!

#2 Passionate: You can’t deny the power of your Chaos. It’s what you do with that power that will decide your fate!

#3 Bold: Quit whining and take control of your Chaos!

#4 Practical: Chaos can prove quite useful to your productivity.

#5 Organized: Try these simple steps to channel your Chaos into productivity.

So what’s one of your key ideas, and how can you express it in your 5 unique ways?

3. Draw from your experiences, not your research. Your messaging will be so much more compelling if you talk from your own stories and your own life.
This also automatically negates any chance of you mimicking someone else. Recall your favorite anecdotes or life lessons, find your own favorite catch phrases or metaphors. I know you have them, and your friends probably hear you use them all the time, so what are they?

4. Write your content in silo. During your research stage, it’s fine to pour over and note down the words of other artists and writers who inspire you. But when it comes time to sit down and create your own messaging, you’ve got to put all those other sites and resources away, and focus solely on your own mind. If you want it to sound like you, and not like those other artists and writers coming through you, then you will need to ignore all other voices and write in total mental isolation.

5. Do a reality check. When you’ve finished selecting and developing your choice messaging, read it back and ask yourself – “Does this sound like me?” And be honest! Is this how you would say it to someone else? Do the people who know you the best agree?

Do these steps above and you’ll find it much easier to identify who you are, what you have to offer and how you can appeal that to the rest of the world. It’s a crucial part of finding your own path for success in your creative business.

And what’s more, having clarity around your voice and message will also help you clarify WHO your message is intended for – i.e. your target audience!

So go on, get down with your unique voice! Find the kind of messaging that works best for you and what you want to offer the world!


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Design from Chaos

In my last post, I put out a call to action for all of you, to seize the day and take control of your own battle with your Chaos. And before that, I also posted about my original intentions in creating The Chaos Whisperer, and my current plans to reel in that focus on what I do best and what I most want to help others with.

So now I want to bring the two together and show you how I plan to simultaneously help you take on the challenge I presented to you, and better achieve my goals as The Chaos Whisperer.

The key is in this website – the vehicle through which I intend to equip you for your journey ahead. In order to be able to give you any direction, I’m going to need to give new direction to this site – because as I narrow in on what I can best offer you, I need to ensure this site also provides the best delivery of that offering to you.

So with that, I’ve decided to give The Chaos Whisperer a facelift – a new refined design for a new refined focus.

The design of your website really says a lot about you – what you are offering, what you are trying to achieve and what you believe in. So not only is it important for purely functional purposes, but it is also an essential part of strong marketing and branding of both yourself and your creations.

For example, I know that if I’m going to make a measurable impact in the creative work of others, I’m going to need to better market my offerings and The Chaos Whisperer brand — just as I am narrowing in the focus on what those offerings and that brand will be.

My goal is to offer you simpler site navigation and clearer post categories, to help you more quickly find what you need to help manage your creative Chaos. And through this new website, my ultimate goal is to then help you turn your creative ideas into action and implemented results.

So stay tuned for the new and improved Chaos Whisperer site coming in a week, with our next regularly scheduled Wednesday Whisper!

And in the meantime, please let me know below:

What do you think of this new refined focus, and what would you like to see on the newly designed website?


My Resolution #7: Build the Business

“Anything you build on a large scale or with intense passion invites chaos.” -Francis Ford Coppola

I’ve been trying to take my own advice and better organize both my personal and professional life. I’ve made great progress with my personal life, but have been struggling a bit more on the professional side.

At the beginning of the year, I set a goal to build out my professional career, in the hopes of mastering my new Film Producer role. And so I have been diving head first into industry resources such as Film Specific & the Independent Film Blog, stalking important & influential IMDb profiles, staying up-to-date on trade publications, and reading really thick books on film production and budgeting.

But recently, I’ve come to realize that my goal of organizing and driving my professional career doesn’t only apply to my Film Producer path — it also means the work I’ve been doing here, as The Chaos Whisperer. This is the area I’ve been neglecting, and now it needs some serious TLC.

The main thing The Chaos Whisperer needs is more . I need to hone in on what this business is really all about – who is my target audience, what value add am I really offering, and how can I best put that offer out there for others to experience?

I’ve been going over and over these questions in my head and I’ve started narrowing down to the answers, but it’s still slow going and I’m not there yet.

What could help me get there faster though is help from you all – my audience, my readers, my clients. It would actually be immensely constructive, and help me to help you even better, if I could hear from you:

What about The Chaos Whisperer do you find most valuable?

What do you wish The Chaos Whisperer would provide?

What part of your life (within personal or professional) do you find the most plagued by Chaos?

I want to step up my services as The Chaos Whisperer, and provide more clear and consumable solutions, but that’s going to be pretty tough to do without your feedback. So please feel free to comment here – share your thoughts, your roadblocks, your needs – and I promise I will give it all my full attention and consideration.

Thank you & I look forward to reading your comments!