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In my last post, I put out a call to action for all of you, to seize the day and take control of your own battle with your Chaos. And before that, I also posted about my original intentions in creating The Chaos Whisperer, and my current plans to reel in that focus on what I do best and what I most want to help others with.

So now I want to bring the two together and show you how I plan to simultaneously help you take on the challenge I presented to you, and better achieve my goals as The Chaos Whisperer.

The key is in this website – the vehicle through which I intend to equip you for your journey ahead. In order to be able to give you any direction, I’m going to need to give new direction to this site – because as I narrow in on what I can best offer you, I need to ensure this site also provides the best delivery of that offering to you.

So with that, I’ve decided to give The Chaos Whisperer a facelift – a new refined design for a new refined focus.

The design of your website really says a lot about you – what you are offering, what you are trying to achieve and what you believe in. So not only is it important for purely functional purposes, but it is also an essential part of strong marketing and branding of both yourself and your creations.

For example, I know that if I’m going to make a measurable impact in the creative work of others, I’m going to need to better market my offerings and The Chaos Whisperer brand — just as I am narrowing in the focus on what those offerings and that brand will be.

My goal is to offer you simpler site navigation and clearer post categories, to help you more quickly find what you need to help manage your creative Chaos. And through this new website, my ultimate goal is to then help you turn your creative ideas into action and implemented results.

So stay tuned for the new and improved Chaos Whisperer site coming in a week, with our next regularly scheduled Wednesday Whisper!

And in the meantime, please let me know below:

What do you think of this new refined focus, and what would you like to see on the newly designed website?


Author: Rebecca Ahn

Writer. Producer. Editor. Warrior. And one Tough Cookie!

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