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Resolution Tactic #10: Stay Positive


As May comes to a close and we enter the final month of this year’s Q2, it’s a good time to remind ourselves what we’re doing all this for. You’ve got your list of goals, and you’ve been chugging along every day, step by step, towards each of them. I congratulate you on your continuing effort and resolution!

But I also understand that it can be a tough act to keep up, especially when there are disappointments and obstacles that can threaten to slow you down. You might have even taken a turn earlier in your journey that you now realize wasn’t the best strategy. Or you could be frustrated with that one thing that’s preventing you from checking off the next task on your list.

Things are bound to get in your way. And you will definitely be faced with the temptation to give up. So it’s important to remember, especially when things get rough, why you are on this road in the first place.

I recommend you keep something inspiring nearby, maybe on your work desk, or by your bed for a jolt of encouragement first thing in the morning. Make it something that reminds you of the ultimate goal you are trying to achieve and, more importantly, the ultimate reason you want to achieve it. What drives you? What inspires you? What is your reason for this journey?

I keep my inspiration on a chain around my neck. It’s a golden charm shaped like a leaf, and it tells me that life and beauty come in seasons. It helps me remember that everything is fragile and finite, and the only real thing is what I can hold on to right now – that things up today can be down tomorrow, but also that the process is full circle and those same things will be up again another day. It reminds me that I am just a small part of this greater world, and that to do my part is to produce more of that life and beauty that captures our world and makes it worth living through the ups and downs.

For me, it’s not just about what I’m trying to accomplish. My resolutions this year are also about what I need to let go of. It’s just as important to learn not to dwell on your mistakes or when things go wrong. And this is as true for the process as it is as the goal itself. You can learn from your mistakes without dwelling on them, and then move on to improve the future. Stay Positive through the down moments, and use that momentum to push you even higher in your ups.

Stay Positive. But also stay focused on the Chaos that you can influence. Life is too short to waste a moment, especially on things you have no control over. So don’t worry about that immovable obstacle that you can’t move past. Let go of that route, and pick up a new one. Get honest with yourself, and then get creative.

Because as much as we have resolutions and goals, it isn’t about the end result — it’s actually about the journey. We aren’t meant to spend the whole process worrying about what difference we’ll make in our lives, or how we’ll be judged in the end. You ARE making a difference, for someone or something out there, with every single step you take towards your goals. And what’s more, you can’t even be certain if the goals you set now will still be relevant or important to you in the future.

So stop stressing about the things in your way that you can’t move, stop fretting about the goal itself, and start enjoying the journey! It sounds cliche, and some people may call me a hippie for saying so, but I just want you to know how staying positive can actually have a positive impact on the things you want to achieve. And enjoying the journey can also mean learning to see the opportunities that comes with every obstacle.

That’s actually the secret to balancing the Chaos in your life, and appreciating what great things can come from it. Because the secret to Chaos Whispering is not about suppressing and systematizing the Chaos — it’s about giving it the structure and freedom it needs to create, and understanding the value it can add.

And in the end, what will make the biggest difference for you and what you want to achieve won’t be how hard you can work or how efficiently you can do something, but rather how much you believe in what you’re doing and how well you can share your passion with others. So Stay Positive, stay motivated, stay inspired, and I promise that will fortify everything you put out into the world.


Author: Rebecca Ahn

Writer. Producer. Editor. Warrior. And one Tough Cookie!

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