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Chaos has Met it’s Match

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Is your life disorganized? Unruly? Maddening with mess?

Let The Chaos Whisperer help you tame the untidy in all aspects of your life!

I’ve spent a lot of time and money throughout both my professional and personal career mastering organizational tactics to address my own time-sucking chaos. And as I continue on this quest, I want to share what I’ve learned with others, so that you too might be able to realize greater harmony with your chaotic life… hopefully with less time and money than I’ve invested.

So if you think this could do you some good, then I encourage you to check back frequently for more whispers of wisdom. Coming soon, you will also have the opportunity to interact directly with me, through (a) an online column, where I will answer your individual inquiries and (b) private consulting services, where I can focus my undivided attention on your chaos.

I am not a medical professional, licensed psychologist, or qualified life coach. My articles, ideas and suggestions come from my own personal experiences and are meant for educational purposes only.
Although my suggestions have worked for me and I aim to publish content that will help others improve their lives, it is not a guarantee that my content and advice will work for you. If you consider making any serious changes to your life or lifestyle based on my recommendations, please consult a certified professional first.
I take no responsibility for any consequences resulting from actions taken by you based on content from or its affiliates.

Author: Rebecca Ahn

Writer. Producer. Editor. Warrior. And one Tough Cookie!

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